TuxBank 1.0 Soon! (4.30.2006)

TuxBank 1.0 will be released soon. It will feature a complete reoganization of the code as well as an AJAX interface! Also, account categories, password protection, and more! You can expect the first beta sometime in May!

What is TuxBank?
TuxBank is a simple web based application that allows you to manage your finances by seperating your money into virtual "accounts". It caters to small incomes. It is a simple tool that users with simple budgets can use when programs such as Quicken or GnuCash are overly complex for their budget.

Technical Info
TuxBank is written in php and uses mysql to store data. It is open source software licensed under the Gnu Public License. TuxBank is very much a beta program that is fairly incomplete at this time. However, I personally find it to be very usable in its current state. TuxBank's interface uses standard compliant XHTML/CSS markup. It has only been tested using Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari, however, it should render just fine using any standards compliant browser. Logo

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